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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Adrienne Miller - The Way I See It

rawr! the artist with tiger
photo credit: adrienne miller

Artist: Adrienne Miller
Location: Nashville, TN
Medium: Photography, Printmaking, Drawing
Adrienne's Online Portfolio: Adrienne Miller
Adrienne's Blog : The Way I See It
Hatch Show Print Gallery: Hatch Show

Sometimes the best and most influential artists you come to meet or come across are those who you go to school with.

This is the reason i try and encourage my students to talk to each other during class, and especially in critiques by vocalizing their opinions and listening to one another.

Adrienne is one of my good friends who i went to school with. we have been through a bunch of similar situations as you all and know exactly how it feels to be in an artistic rut. I've called her many times to complain or run ideas by her and vice versa.

Here is some of her older work.

Damien Rice
printed at Hatch Show Press
Nashville, TN

Damien Rice
printed at Hatch Show Press
Nashville, Tn


silver gelatin print

adrienne's primary focus in her BFA program at Murray State University, was in Photography. As a photographer, Adrienne never let the hand of the artist escape her. She drew as much as she could, by taking many (if not all) of the printmaking courses offered at Murray State University.

I met Adrienne in printmaking. Many late nights we had in the studio with classmates...making art, watching movies while making art...late night food runs. Good times.

For a summer, Adrinenne interned at The Hatch Print studio in Nashville, TN. She is still good friends with them, and currently resides in Nashville.

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