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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Brad Vetter - Designer/Letter Press/Art

The Beast of Burden

the artist
photo credit: Adrienne Miller

Artist: Brad Vetter
Location: Nashville, TN
Online Portfolio: Beast of Burden

This is Brad Vetter, working designer, letter press printer, and artist. Living and working in Nashville, Brad has made a very successful name for himself as one of the printers for Hatch Show Prints.

His work, although feeds into the fields of poster design and graphic design, maintains a strong foundation in art. For those of you interesting in including text into your work, take a look at his work. He balances the use of words in to well thought out compositional pieces.

Graphic Designers, I'm showing you Brad's work because I want to stress what Gary has you do. I know for a fact that Gary has you sketch out your ideas before you even touch the computer. The great designs you created are not created because of the computer, but from you. Brad is an excellent example of how good design is still made by hand.

I love how Brad approaches color within his pieces. They enhance and don't distract. It's pretty amazing how he is able to use minimal color to make a poster just beam. It's also pretty amazing that he can overlap a small amount of color and create depth.

I've met Brad once, in Murray, Kentucky. I was in town for my friend's BFA show, and I met him and Adrienne for dinner at Jasmine's. This restaurant is one of many things I miss of that small town in Western Kentucky. I ate Singapore Noodles with chicken and a spicy crab sushi roll.

My initial impression of Brad was "this guy has awesome facial hair." I aspired to have facial hair like this guy, but alas, genetics has not granted me the ability. The artist is a really great guy (Adrienne - I totally approve of this guy).

work produced at Hatch Show Print

old crow medicine show, 2007
show poster
letter press

show poster
letter press

jason mraz, 2008
show poster
letter press

work produced for design

the show
wine labels in environment

charles and charles, 2008
rose wine label
hatch show print

the ponys, 2007
show poster

anthropologie catalog, 2009
letter press

Brad's personal work

let's talk about books, 2009
ink on book cover

modular things #1, 2009
relief and xerox transfer

the places i have been
letter press and xerox transfer

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