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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Dwayne Labuschagne - South Africa

Dwayne Labuschagne ("la-boo-scugg (harsh 'g' sound with a dutch/afrikaans tone)-nee" is the best i can come up with -straight from the artist himself")

So I have a friend in South Africa, and he's a pretty talented artist. He's very productive and never seems to stop producing work. Sometimes I wish I retained a work ethic like his.

Dwayne has a really good eye for composing his imagery and I find his instinctual use of color very fascinating. He often inserts a narrative/story to each image, that i pick up on. That's something I'm working on including in my own work.

So photo kids, here's another photographer for you too look at! (Especially, you digital photo kids).

thoughts of you, 2010
digital photography

oasis, 2009
digital photography

fade to black, 2009
digital photography

clinging onto life, 2008
digital photography

autumn leaves, 2009
digital photography

When I asked him what his tools of the trade were here's what he said:

"I currently use a 'Fuji Finepix A900' which is a basic point-and-shoot camera with maco functions and adjustable settings, and a recommendable starter camera for any newbie photographer. But I'm planning to upgrade to an SLR camera - preferably a Canon model. As for software, I use Adobe Photoshop CS3 and/or Adobe Lightroom 1.4.

We can't all afford the best equipment when we're starting out and I needed to learn how to push my camera for all it's worth to get the kind of photos I wanted. And a little editing goes a long way in showcasing those photos in an even better light. It's about effectively combining the resources and learning about when enough is enough. There is such a thing as too much editing.

Also when it comes to the technical aspects of photography, there may be rules, but one should never see them as limitations and there is still so much free reign for creativity. Rules are just guidelines in photography and there's so much one can do while keeping it aesthetically pleasing."

- Dwayne, 01-07-10 : 11:01pm (my time)

He hopes to upgrade his camera to a Canon SLR soon, but from his work, he proves it's about the artist's use of the camera (not the camera itself) that makes good work.

Remember, you make your work good. The materials and tools can only do so much, before it's all up to your hard work.

His Deviantart Gallery: Chronophasia
His Column: Ask Dwayne - he's a funny guy too, so check it out.

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