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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Emma Mueller - Watercolor

self, 2005
(if you don't want your picture here,Emma, please let me know
I thought it would be nice for my students to see what the artist looks like)

I ran across Emma's work while checking on messages in my deviantart account. Her three watercolor studies are perfect examples of how manipulate the media. As this past semester was the first time I taught watercolor, I'm beginning to look for other works I can use as good examples of how watercolor can be used. (at least in my opinion)

From my brief interaction with Emma, she seems to be a really nice and humble artist, and I believe you all would love her studies. They are beautiful, and offer excellent use of pigment/water ratio, and control of the brush. They also hint at the ink wash drawings and painting for the Japanese and Chinese masters, so of course I was immediately pulled into these works.

I asked her if there were any tips she would like to share with you all about water color and here's what she said:

"In all truth these are just doodles and I haven't worked with watercolors in years. What I've realized picking it up again is that paper is everything. These were just done on a bristol pad, so the medium did not act with the versatility and freedom that it should. So using a paper specifically for watercolors, or at less nothing hot press, is the best. Also, if you're going for detail it's best to use a very small brush loaded with color and water. Watercolors used dry (unless that's the effect you're going for) are never as satisfying. I hope that helped, at least a little bit. I'm no expert!"

- Emma Mueller, via deviantart message, 01-07-10

bird I, 2010
watercolor on bristol

bird II, 2010
watercolor on bristol

bird III, 2010
watercolor on bristol

Emma's Deviantart Gallery : Sequana

please visit her gallery, she has many more pieces you may find interesting! :D

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