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Monday, January 11, 2010

Rory Coyne - Painting

self portrait, 2007
oil on canvas
15" x 24"

Artist: Rory Coyne
Location: Chicago
Technique: Oil Painting, Printmaking, Drawing
Subject: Figurative work
Deviantart Gallery: DeRoodeKoning

Rory Coyne is a an artist living and working in Chicago. So kiddies, he's somewhat of a local artist. Maybe we should plan a trip to Chicago and catch an exhibition of his work in the near future.

I discovered his work at, and immediately was impressed with his technical skill with oils and drawing, but more importantly is rendering of the figure. You all know that the next drawing class listed in the curriculum is LIFE DRAWING. What better way to familiarize yourself with how the human figure is used in Contemporary Art World then by looking as work that focuses on the subject.

Coyne's work is very much contemporary but also draws on the work of others, such as Jenny Seville, Ron Muenck, and Rembrandt ( I'm sure there are many others). All are listed as favorite artists by Coyne, and only supports my constant push for you all to look at other artists.

It's important to connect to what's being made in the art world. It's important to find a group of artists you feel influenced by. It will only make your work stronger as you head deeper into your degree program.

I've been follow his work on deviant art for awhile. It seems he really appreciated feedback and tries to reply to most (if not all) comments left on his pieces. He's a great example of strong figurative imagery with an interesting twist.

Now some images:

who to listen to, 2009
photograph of artist

another ::conversation::, 2007
oil on canvas
6' x 5'

one of those days...murr, 2009
oil on canvas
42"w x 48"h

pig tale, 2008
oil on canvas
1' x 1'

tri and tri, 2007
etching with aquatint

Don't be freaked out about having to draw nude figures. It's important to learn the human body while working from a live model. Photographs don't provide a 3-dimensional source of information.

Go into the figure drawing class and just draw...Remember, Go Big or Go Home. Step Hard or Step off.

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